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Facebook SSL – What it means to you

Facebook has finally implemented SSL. UPDATE 2/28/2012 12:20:26 PM The original date of October 1st, 2011 came and went, but Facebook has now implemented SSL security.  We originally thought  no Facebook user would be able to see your fan page if you have not secured it. But with the advent of Timeline for all Facebook […]

Mobile Marketing Statistics

Mobile Usage 303 million Americans reported that they own a mobile device (CTIA) 96% of the U.S. Population owns a wireless device (CTIA) 26.6% of U.S. households are mobile-only, meaning that they do not own a landline phone (CTIA) 63.2 million Americans own a Smartphone (comScore) – ONLY 21% as of Dec 2010. 35% of […]

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