Miami Fashion Week – A Social Marketing Case Study

Miami International Fashion Week™, the largest Latin American and International event in the U.S.

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Over 500 international press register each year for the event including CNN en Español, Fashion TV, Gulf News and The New York Times as well as over 250 buyers from around the world.

The Marketing Challenge

This event had no social media presence.  The Miami International Fashion Show™ wanted to “SELL OUT” for the first time, their live fashion event and use free Social Media Sites as the main marketing channel.

Targeted Results were:

  1. Sell Out Crowd
  2. Live Interaction during the event to create a ‘buzz’ and a great customer experience.

The Social Media Plan

Launch a social marketing campaign using the FastTrack 4 Social Marketing Methodology™ to sell out the event and to encourage live interaction.

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Miami Fashion Week Social Marketing Case Study