Sports Bar Triples Number of Customers

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“At the beginning of the 2010 pro football season, our Steeler Parties had only about 25-30 people per game. Then we added the Text Sports Squares and things begin to change. We heavily promoted on our website, Facebook and our road sign, that we would be giving away a Steeler jersey and other prizes at EVERY game. That helped bring people in every week…and even when there were blow-outs, we never lost customers before the end of the game to see if they won the jersey! So when we started the season, I had to allow each person to opt-in 3 times just in order to fill up the 100 squares! Toward the end of the season, we had no problem filling the pool with one entry per person. So in a nutshell, Sport Squares tripled the number of people coming to my bar for Steeler games over the course of the season.”

Jay Fairbrother, Owner
Fiddlers Bar & Grill

Jay talks about our text messaging game “Sports Squares”.  “Sports Squares” is one of several games/contests we offer to help build your marketing list.