Do you know anyone who gets leads from LinkedIn?

These days, it doesn’t take long to find a Facebook or Twitter success story. Businesses that wisely use the tools see a payoff.

But LinkedIn? The stodgier cousin of the group? Not so much.

Yet for PostcardMania, a fast-growing, Florida-based postcard marketing company, unlocking LinkedIn has been a bottom-line booster. It’s not just for job searchers anymore.

Every week, the company consistently counts at least two dozen fresh leads coming directly from LinkedIn – more than Facebook and Twitter deliver.

That’s added up to more than $72,000 in revenue just from LinkedIn.

How do they do it? Here, PostcardMania shares its formula.

Hint: It’s about attractive content offered at just the right time.


  • Using LinkedIn, PostcardMania generated 600 quality leads – with contacts providing their information – over the course of just over a year.
  • LinkedIn leads resulted in more than $72,000 in actual business.
  • While Twitter and Facebook bring in traffic, LinkedIn pulls in actual leads.

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